Sports Medicine

Whether due to repetitive strain (overuse injuries) or a sudden accident (acute injuries), sports injuries to the stress-bearing lower limbs are a frequent occurrence among athletes and casual exercisers alike. Common sports injuries to the foot, ankle and lower leg range from blisters, contusions, and toenail trauma to turf toe, heel pain, Achilles tendon problems, sprains or strains, as well as fractures from repeated stress or sudden impact.

It is recommended that individuals who have sustained an injury seek treatment in a timely manner and refrain from continued stress to the affected site, to prevent further trauma or the onset of other complications.

After taking a comprehensive patient history and performing a clinical exam of the injured site, including ordering diagnostic tests as needed, our podiatrist will determine the exact nature and extent of the problem, and design an individualized treatment plan based on the specific needs of the case. In addition to promoting healing and restoring mobility, our podiatrist will recommend treatment to prevent re-injury. While sports injuries to the foot, ankle and lower leg can be frustrating to those who enjoy regular physical activity, it is important for patients to prioritize treatment and recovery to ensure they can make a healthy return to their daily routine and recreational pursuits.

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