Minimally invasive foot surgery involves the use of advanced methods of care and specialized instruments to perform surgical procedures through small, minute incisions. With minimally invasive surgery a range of painful foot conditions such as bunions, recurring corns, hammertoes, big toe arthritis, heel pain, and many others can be successfully treated.

Performing surgical procedures on the feet through small incisions means less injury to the adjacent tissues and the need for fewer sutures (stitches). Healing with this method of care is quicker, and recovery time reduced. With minimally invasive foot surgery less anesthesia is typically required, and patients are often awake during the procedure while their foot is completely numbed. Because of this, even patients with complex medical histories can have surgical procedures.

For patients, it is very reassuring to know that with minimally invasive foot surgery the chances of post-operative pain and scarring are significantly reduced, and a quicker return to normal activity is anticipated. In many cases, our podiatrist can perform minimally invasive foot surgery as an outpatient procedure with patients returning home the same day.